West Coast

A trip to the west coast on Saturday afternoon... started of at Dunure, but could see the tide was going to be fully out at sunset, so headed on round the coast. I normally prefer the tide to be in a bit when I’m taking photos, however the reflections of the broken clouds in the wet sand looked quite appealing... as far as sunsets go, it was brief with only a little bit of colour on the horizon.

First shot is uploaded to flickr if you would like to see a larger preview (and I really must get my redbubble/imagekind sites up to date (in the off chance anyone would actually like to purchase something ;-) ).


and some others...


The following two images are vertical panos, made up of two horizontal frames stitched together in Photoshop to show even more in the frame.

And a couple of verticals, just to be a trooper ;-)