Digital Photo Magazine April 2011

I’m delighted to have 4 images published in the gallery section of the April 2011 issue of Digital Photo Magazine. The chosen images are actually two years old and were from a photo challenge group we had at work. The subject was “Rural Architecture” and I can remember this project as one of the defining moments that turned image making from a hobby into a passion.

The originals can be viewed here (this was back in the day where I did some hefty photoshop work)
1. Project: Rural Architecture 004, 2. Project: Rural Architecture 006, 3. Project: Rural Architecture 005, 4. Project: Rural Architecture 002

The images below are of my daughter reading the article to her teddies, and a couple of the magazine themselves. First one is posted on flickr.


1. Project: Rural Architecture 004, 2. Project: Rural Architecture 006, 3. Project: Rural Architecture 005, 4. Project: Rural Architecture 002

West Coast

A trip to the west coast on Saturday afternoon... started of at Dunure, but could see the tide was going to be fully out at sunset, so headed on round the coast. I normally prefer the tide to be in a bit when I’m taking photos, however the reflections of the broken clouds in the wet sand looked quite appealing... as far as sunsets go, it was brief with only a little bit of colour on the horizon.

First shot is uploaded to flickr if you would like to see a larger preview (and I really must get my redbubble/imagekind sites up to date (in the off chance anyone would actually like to purchase something ;-) ).


and some others...


The following two images are vertical panos, made up of two horizontal frames stitched together in Photoshop to show even more in the frame.

And a couple of verticals, just to be a trooper ;-)


Blackness Castle

Really starting to feel like spring now, and such a pleasant change to have blue skies in Scotland again! Stopped by Blackness castle on the Forth estuary, and caught the very last of the sun hitting the castle, before it dropped below the horizon. Near full moon was just to the right, but walking out on the mudflats was a bit treacherous.

First image is available to view on flickr, with a larger preview.


Times are a changing!

This is definitely not my best ever shot, but it is a very meaningful one... this is the first shot I’ve taken after work since about October! Finally the days are getting a bit longer, and the light is still good by the time I get home. I could see the sky was looking promising on the drive home, but couldn’t get myself to the greatest of locations... however its a start, and hopefully more to come ;-)


Spring in Scotland?

Spent Sunday on the Tweedsmuir Hills in the Scottish Borders, around Talla reservoir, Talla Linnfoots and Meggat reservoir. One of the first sightings of blue sky for a very long time, and possibly the last of the snow?

Image 1 is posted on flickr.




Waterfalls in spate on the River Tweed at Tweedsmuir, 13 March 2011.


Some signs of spring? I’ve been trying to do a shot like this since the snowdrops first bloomed in Feb, but just couldn’t get the light I wanted... until last night! And now... they’re under snow... brrr!

Image 1 is posted on flickr, with a larger view if you prefer.


Getty artist :-)

I’m delighted to have 15 of my images invited to be licensed on Getty Images... As a graphic designer I have used Getty for more years than I care to remember... right back to the days of printed stock books, so it really is a tremendous honour to have my work featured in their gallery.

The requested images are below, you can visit my Getty gallery by clicking the Getty images artist logo, or the individual links below.



1. Things to do on a rainy day... No.1, 2. Sweet light, 3. Summer memories, 4. Looking back... 1 year on flickr, 5. Autumn Reeds, 6. Twisted., 7. Winter's back!, 8. Autumn mist., 9. Standing amongst giants., 10. Winter marches on..., 11. Morning tree, 12. V, 13. Roaming in the gloaming, 14. The Magic Tree, 15. More snow.