Longing for summer

January and February are always tough months for outdoor photography in Scotland... unless there is significant snowfall the landscape can look a bit drab. By the end of Feb I’m always longing for sunnier days... so much so I’ve been looking back over shots from last summer and reminding myself what the sun looked like!

These shots are all from a fun day at the beach, I kinda forgot I had them. They’re all shot with my longer lens directly into the low sun to get some deliberate flare and light leakage...

Uploading this one to flickr...


and here are some more from the series... bring me sunshine!


Photo Pro Magazine

Photo Pro magazine asked me to contribute to an article on the virtues of watermarking images online... I had some images used without my consent before Christmas and was more than happy to help. The magazine is out now, and the article contains the experiences of a few photographers who do watermark, and some who refuse to... it’s obviously a topic capable of stimulating much debate.

Thank you very much to Kat Wiliams for approaching me and for writing the article.


Signs of Spring

Some early signs of spring colour with these Delft Blue hyacinths... and a chance to try some early season indoor macro photography.

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